Matt Gleason

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. This website is a sort of sandbox for me where I play around with color, code and design. All of that is not my profession, though it might once have been (I went to art school). 

For most of my career I've been focused on leveraging data to arm decision makers with information so that they can make their best choices. Specifically, I use a combination of Autocad, a CAFM system (Computer Aided Facility Management) a wide variety of report builders and data visualization tools and data scrubbing techniques to accomplish this goal. For the past 20 years I've been doing this at Hewlett Packard Enterprise though when I started it was with Compaq Computer Corporation, then HP and finally HPE. 

I have many interests outside of my work life. I sometimes build websites for friends and clients but I'm slow (-er than many) and nitpicky. I love 1950 to 1963 American cars. If art represents its time then those cars were works of art created from the promise of space exploration and bright futures. The colors on this website were influenced by a 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne I once had. It was GM "Crown Sapphire" with about 6 other colors laid on top of that original coat. Anyways, I love the architecture from that era as well, particularly Mid Century Modern and Googie. 

I still doodle every now and then but have found that I really like words. I've been trying to write a little every day (creatively, not emails). I'm  currently into reading poetry, particularly the small, but growing, genre of horror poetry. Some great stuff out there. 

As of April 1 I'm back in school as well. I've decided to take up Cyber Security at WGU. 

OK, thanks for reading this protracted about section. If you want to talk about art, design, old cars, film noir, neo noir, film in general, books, deco, mysteries (of all kinds) architecture, technology, Autocad - it goes on but I'll stop.

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Summary of Qualifications: 
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